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Oskar Schönning – The Violin

Oskar Schönning is releasing a new album! Oh, how delicious! Here’s a sample from the album with a nice video to it! The album is called “The Violin.” Unfortunately it was a bit hard to find digitally, so I’ve only heard this song. But alas, what a that song!


Tabberaset meets Loney Dear

Last summer, when we were at the festival Vi Drar Till Landet, we met Emil Svanängen. Mostly known as Loney Dear. A very nice man. We recorded it, and here is the result! It’s me, Lisa Godin and Emil talking.

Let’s Go To The Jazzclub

Earlier this year, my collegue Elin wrote about the festival Vi drat till Landet (“Let’s go to the countryside”) here on Tabberaset. That festival is an arrangement of the Gothenburg Association Kartong Inn. Kartong Inn also has a pretty cool club called Vi drar på Jazzklubb (“Let’s go to the jazzclub”). The location is the Nefertiti-jazzclub where two events in fall, two events in spring are arranged. I was at the fall-premiere on Wednesday and it was wonderful. They themselves say that one should “get over their prejudices about how a jazz club ‘usually’ is”, that one should just “get there, listen and enjoy, take a beer, go on dates, talk to some unknown pleasant souls and allow themselves to get inspired”. And that’s just like that the evening turned out to be. The atmosphere was extremely pleasant. Maybe to some extent because many people in the audience new some of the musicians personally.
The evening started off with the very fine Trio Gordon consisting of Joel Fabiansson (guitar), Donovan von Martens (bass) and Måns Wikenmo (drums). All three are very sensible listeners and musicians and no one takes up more space than the other.

Act two was the fantastic trio Soil Collectors which was attended by Gordon Trio drummer on the last two songs. Those singers! Isabel Sörling and Hannah Twelve sing so well together, in fact I have never heard anything like it. Both are incredibly talented and sing straight out, sometimes forcefully and wholeheartedly, sometimes brittle and gently, but they never lose energy. They stand side by side behind a table filled with effects pedals and gadgets, Ole Mofjell behind the drums sometimes play synthbas with the left hand. All that becomes a powerful sound that oscillates between epic soundscapes that are often created in the moment and wonderful, subtle compositions.

Last on stage was another trio – Dina Kompisars Kompisar (“Your friends’ friends”). Or, as the trio’s bassist Elsa Bergman said, “we are your friends’ friends.” This is the second time I had the chance to hear this trio live and I can only say that I was in heaven. Again. The Danish saxophonist Mette Rasmussen’s maybe the coolest person in the world, she is a virtuoso on her instrument and has a power out of the ordinary. On the doublebase is the Swedish lady Elsa Bergman, who stands for many of the compositions. But she doesn’t only write brilliant tunes, she is also an awfully good baseplayer. The third part, the Norwegian drummer Ole Mofjell, completes this trinity. Keep your eyes and ears open for Dina Kompisars Kompisar, a real Pearl in todays Frejazz-scene. I was told that they will record an album soon, and this record i am really looking forward to!!!

Water Boogie System @ Brötz

Last Wednesday, just a couple of days after I had moved to Gothenburg, i went to this autumns first night at the jazz club Brötz. You people, listen to this quartet! All music is written by the singer Karin Verbaan. Sometimes the band members Karin (vocals), Victor Reuter (bass), William Soovik (drums) and Jonathan Albrektson (piano) have all the freedom in the world and improvise freely. Then, all of a sudden, they can come back to written, composed parts. The communication between the musicians works very, very good. Everyone really knows the compositions by heart. But best of all is Karin – she has something that makes it seem totally natural that she is standing there on stage singing. She never seems to lose focus and gives 150 percent all the time. And the coolest thing is – throughout the whole concert i didn’t see her as the “singer” among the instrumentalists. Everyone in this band takes as much space as the other, piano and bass and drums and vocals. The only difference is that singers often have to fight to get the same kind of attention as their instrumentalist-colleagues and Miss Verbaan is doing a pretty good job.

Concert in a tipi – Eed

I have a friend called Mari Eckhoff Tveito (the one by the drums). She often have crazy and fun ideas. In March, for example, she moved into a tipi in Christiania in Copenhagen. You know one of those triangular tents, with a hole in the top for fire smoke to come out? Well she did, and she has lived there since. Last Saturday I finally got the chance to get there to see what it was like!

We followed the directions over a bridge, on dirt roads and finally up on a path to the tipi, which was completely surrounded by trees. Mari had invited us to a concert, coffee, tea, cakes and a video recording in the tipi, with her band Eed. “The front walls” of the tipi was rolled up, and there we sat, the crowd, on pillows and blankets, amidst the trees. All around us were lots of film cameras. And all we were to do was just to enjoy the music and the atmosphere, and have a great time! Eed is a brilliant band that you all should listen to! Everything is chiselled, beautiful, fun and powerful, and still there’s room for making stuff up in the moment. When the video comes I’ll see if I can get to show some of it to you here. But in the meanwhile – listen! The people playing were Mari Eckhoff Tveito – vocals and drums, Anton Jansson – guitar, Mathias Holm – keyboards, Guro Tveitnes – vocals and Ragnhild Torjesen – vocals.

Soup & music with Kojan

Last tuesday i finally got the chance to hear the band Kojan again. The band’s tenor saxophonist Ebba Rubensson had arranged a wonderful party in her parents’ garden in Lund. Besides the music and the a pretty nice hang-out, everybody got a plate really good potatoesoup and a can nearly cold beer.

There were a lot of people, almost all could fit into two large, white tents. One could sit on either chairs or mats on the grass. The band was standing with their backs to the house, a brick house. It was a beautiful sight! And so they played so wonderfully. The band plays music with swedish lyrics. Some lyrics are poems by poets such as e.g. Thomas Transtromer, other texts are written by the band members. There is something about people who sing in, or plays to, their native language. Everything gets very honest and sincere, both the singers and the instrumentalists. For example, when the band ended the concert with the song “My Heart” (text & music: Pontus Hedstrom) which ends with the whole band singing unamplified, in five voices and so wonderfully beautiful with the words “you said my heart was yours | My heart is mine, said I | and beatiful you thought it sounded | when your tears became mine”. I can tell you – during that song it was many peoples turn to shed some big tears.

Thank you, Kojan, for once again touching me deeply with your music.

Tabberaset meets Klabbes Bank

I brought my dear friend Lisa Godin to Vi Drar Till Landet the other week. We met with the band Klabbes Bank there! The people in the movie are called (from the left) Klas-Henrik Hörngren, Jacob Öhrvall, Martin Ohman, Joel Wästberg and eventually Magnus Wiklund. The film is only available in swedish.

Björk – Stockholm Music & Arts


This picture was taken by Annika Berglund and borrowed from Stockholm Music & Arts

I have to admit, I was pretty late to the concert. I came straight from the tour bus, got home for a quick arm pit-shower, then I headed straight for Skeppshomen. This year’s Stockholm Music & Arts, the first of its kind, was really a festival I had longed for, and even though my job kept me away from the other concerts, there was NOTHING that would make me miss the one and only – Björk.

I stood pretty far to the left, after having wandered around for a suitable place, on the outskirts of the mass audience, and unfortunately I realized pretty quickly that I had been joined by a group of people that were not particularly interested in the artist Björk, but more familiar to her as a famous name and expected to hear all the hits. Thankfully, it is not for them Björk plays for, the artist Björk does exactly what she wants and the audience simply has to choose to follow. The concert is a performance, so much more than just a concert, in which only a few of the songs are known to the masses. A bit disturbed by my new festival friends’ parasitic sound, I sometimes had difficulties to fully absorb the experience, but there is no way to dodge the force Björk throws out to us. Accompanying her on stage, she brought one percussionist and one person who handled all the electronics, both geniuses in their field, who in my ears stand for the flesh and the blood, and the chorus, Graduale Nobili, give the body life through mind and emotions. Björk is then the puppet maker who allows her creation to dance around. Brutal and passionate, dreamy and seductive – and seduced is exactly what I was. Oh, I can not be objective anymore, I’m in love and when the intro to “Joga” came, my heart skipped a beat, just as if I stood opposite to the one I had been secretly in love with a long time and suddenly my love reciprocated.

When the concert was over, after a wonderful hard chaos by the encore “Declare Independence” I stood there in front of the stage for a long time, with my eyes firmly stuck on the stage, wishing that it would bring her out once more. It’s not happening, maybe Björk had already left the festival area, who knows. It really didn’t matter. My eyes were still on the stage and I was fascinated by how quickly the stage workers were tearing off the littlest sign that she had even been here. The lightning machine that had been hanging in the air, the organs which stood at the back of the stage, the major mobiles of synths and drums. You could not take photos during the concert, so when the stage was empty, I had no physical proof that she was here, but in my heart the proof is greater. There she sits, in her beautiful blue / orange creation, and there she will always be preserved.

Hagenfesten 2012 – an incomprehensibly fantastic festival

Hagenfesten -”art-flow in Dala-Floda” is a free, peaceful and happy island! Paul Loven, a German drummer who was guest of honor this year, said: “it’s fantastic! The village, the nature, the people… and, of course, in the middle of it this crazy music. ” It brings together a group of like-minded souls to celebrate their love of improvised music.

It was the first time I went to Hagenfesten and it won’t be the last. What makes the festival a so very unique and inspiring event depends to a large extent on the Grip family, who are the core of the Hagenfesten-gang. They have an enormous positive and loving energy around them, spreading this positive spirit to all those who come to Dala-Floda to take part in the festival. From both them and all the volunteers (who mostly seem to consist by friends of the family) was shown great respect to each other and to the musicians who came and played. For example, when Niklas Barnö, one of the organizers, introduced Sofia Jernberg he wholeheartedly said: “I do not only love her as a person, I also love her as a musician.” I think this is a good example of how much soul is put into this festival of all those responsible.

We got to hear about 8 concerts a day. It was very intense and maybe a little too much, but I won’t complain now – I’m going to tell you about some of the concerts.

Kege Snö: Raymond Strid (drums), Roland Keijser (saxophone), Niklas Barno (trumpet) and Joel Grip (bass) creates an extremely strong energy in true Ornette Coleman-spirit. It was great to hear Keijsers very open compositions played by four musicians from different generations. One would think that the two older gentlemen Strid and Keijser should be a little calmer and more put together than their decades younger colleagues Grip and Barnö. But no! The drummer and saxophonist were bubbling with energy and humor and, above all, Keijser had a self-distance that made me laugh out loud several times. Which doesn’t mean that Grip and Barnö was not lovely to see and hear. They were just serious. Serious with a burning soul. The four enjoyed the music, playing together and they put so much soul into it that I had to scream a little sometimes to prevent myself from exploding.

Matthias Ståhl & Per “Texas” Johansson. This duo’s first performance. Insolently good. Both have such a skill on their instruments! Of everything! Texas played both tenor saxophone, Eb, C and bass clarinet as well as the flute. Ståhl played the vibraphone. I had no idea that it was possible to play the vibraphone the way he did. There are no limitations in his way of playing, like Texas, he can play exactly what shows up in his head. Both play with the mind and heart and soul. It’s wonderful to see how similar they are in their way of not being able to hold back the music, flowing from inside. They bathe in energy, blues and a lot of groove and in the fully super-human interaction. I hope, hope, hope that they continue to play together.

On this picture is Paul Lovens and Sofia Jernberg who played a duo concert together. But I’m going to tell you about the band “The New Songs”, who consist by Sofia Jernberg (vocals), Eve Risser (piano), David Stackenäs (guitar) and Rhodri Davies (guitar). It’s Jernberg and the french woman, Risser, who compose the songs. The concert was held in the church of Floda.

For me, these concerts where three of the festival’s highlights. What they have in common is that they in different ways were down to earth. There was a certain necessity in what was played.